Build Your Resume.101

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A resume is a complication of your work experience, education, credentials, accomplishments, and skills. It is a quick advertisement of who you are, showing your personal unique selling position, a short and concise explanation of why the employer should hire you, and a written paper that you can always go back and adjust to relate it to the requirements of your ideal job. Your resume only has 6 seconds for it to pop, make every word count.

This blog provides you a simple resume template and a creative example to arrange your resume. Separately, we provided a professional 4 pages long resume example to get you around applicant tracking software.


  1. GPA: You can choose to put cummulative GPA or major GPA, whichever score you aced the highest.
  2. Key points for EXPERIENCE: Don't just write job descriptions, turn them into accomplishments. WHAT you have done? HOW you did it? and/or NUMBERS from your achievements compared to what they were before. Examples follow this website:
  3. Students can put your school projects into the resume under Work and Experience, or add in a new section.
  4. Always ask for feedback on your work. You would know what to improve and also have nice things to put on your resume.

*Version of  4-page resume click on Our Member's Resume is in credit to HR thought leader Dr. John Sullivan's template.