At the Marketing Association we have two fundamental underlying goals: to provide as much hands-on, real-world marketing experience to our members as possible, and to add maximum value to their professional network. Here are a few examples of how we facilitate those goals.


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Burn Pilates

BURN is a Pilates fitness company with studios throughout the Bay Area.

Problem: When BURN came to us they were having issues with positioning. In hopes of attracting more male clientele, the company was looking to dispel the perception that Pilates is a female-focused fitness format with minimal physical intensity.

Solution: We created a battle of the sexes-style campaign for couples during the week leading up to Valentine's Day. 'Bring Your Bae To BURN' allowed BURN's clientele with male partners to challenge their significant other to take a BURN class by posting and tagging them on the event's digital promotional flyer. Unbeknownst to the intensity of the classes, most men quickly accepted.The novice male participants were photographed before entering the class. Upon survival of their first BURN experience, the male participants were then photographed immediately after class. The couples then posted the photos on Instagram using the hashtag #myburnbae. BURN's staff then conducted a drawing to select the winning photo of those posted and rewarded the winners with a complimentary private class (with friends) with an instructor of their choice at a location of their choice on date of their choice.

Results: BURN saw a 4% increase in general class attendance during the week of 'Bring Your Bae to BURN'.

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FAME is an acronym for Financial Analysis & Management Education. The group serves as a student-led business organization at SFSU focused on helping Finance majors.

When FAME first came to us in Fall of 2016, they needed help rolling out there FAME Conference 8 event. The annual conference serves as an opportunity for students interested in Finance to meet and network with top investors and finance executives; it is also the group's chief source of revenue.

To broaden the marketing mix for the event, we designed flyers and posted them across campus and created a one-minute video spot for professors to show their students in class. The FAME conference was held on October 27th, 2016.

2016 Marketing Graduation featuring Kato Bisase--current MA president--and Jeremy Boyle--previous president.

2016 Marketing Graduation featuring Kato Bisase--current MA president--and Jeremy Boyle--previous president.

Spring Marketing Graduation

Every Spring the Marketing Association organizes the Marketing Graduation celebration. The Spring 2016 Marketing graduation was held at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.